How to Integrate ConvertKit with

ConvertKit is a super-popular email marketing platform for professional bloggers. Whether or not you're a professional blogger, it makes a lot of sense to use lead magnets to grow your subscriber list. But once you get those subscribers, how do you get them into ConvertKit? Turns out it's really easy to do, thanks to Zapier. … Continue reading How to Integrate ConvertKit with

How to Use Content Upgrades for Your Teachable Course

I have created a few courses using They make it easy to create a sharp-looking course, including customizing a sales page with drag-and-drop blocks for testimonials, pricing plan, course curriculum, and so on. But one problem is: sometimes people aren't yet ready to buy your course, and the sales page offers no way for … Continue reading How to Use Content Upgrades for Your Teachable Course

Introducing the WordPress Plugin

Thanks to the magic of oEmbed, pasting a URL into a WordPress post has always worked - sort of. When you paste the URL, WordPress automatically expands it and inserts the embedded lead magnet. It's pretty neat actually:   The only trouble is that it doesn't actually work right away - WordPress sandboxes the … Continue reading Introducing the WordPress Plugin