Changing Tripwire From Leanpub to Gumroad (Content Upgrade Chronicle #5)

In the previous installment of this journey in building an audience, I used Facebook Lead Ads to pay to get people on my email list by offering a free ebook.

It went fairly well, though the cost per subscriber was higher than I had hoped.

One problem with my tripwire product–a $9 ebook–is that I used LeanPub to both create the ebook and to sell it.

The Problem With LeanPub

I love LeanPub and have self-published numerous ebooks through it.

tripwireYou can use MarkDown, a very simple mark-up language for formatting your book (think headings, titles, bold and italics, and inserting images), and LeanPub’s engine spits you out an ebook in pdf, mobi (Kindle), and ePub formats. Nice!

What I don’t love about LeanPub as a seller of digital products is that they won’t give you the email addresses of the people who bought your book!

That’s sort of a problem as it means I don’t know who on my email list bought my tripwire product.

I’ve been lazy and haven’t switched over to another digital seller, until today.

Enter Gumroad

I checked out a few digital delivery services (Easy Digital Downloads, DPD, shopify) and decided on Gumroad.

Gumroad hosts your files, takes payment, delivers the ebook, and most importantly you can then get the emails of the people who bought your book.

It took me about 30 minutes to create a new Gumroad account, create a new product (for my existing tripwire ebook), upload it, set its details, create a discount code/url, update my AWeber email autoresponder to change the link from the LeanPub book’s url to Gumroad’s (with discount code applied), and then to create a new Zap in Zapier that triggers when a Gumroad sale occurs, then for AWeber it finds the existing subscriber and tags them with the word “tripwire”.

Now I only have to wait a week or two for the next person to buy my tripwire. I only offer it to email subscribers and only offer it once in my autoresponder sequence. So far about 10 people have bought my tripwire.

Need More People to Come Into My Funnel!

I want to increase how many people are signing up for my email list.

More email leads = more people buying my tripwire and courses.

One thing I’m doing for that in the next two weeks is a joint venture webinar (good resource for learning the basics of these is at the Femtrepreneur show).

I’m using WebinarNinja to make the webinar, and you can see the landing/registration page for it here.

I chose John, a guy in the same general niche as I am in, because while we have similar missions, we offer different services: I have books and courses; he has a TV show and non-profit.

So we will do a mock debate on a topic that our audiences find interesting. Everyone who signs up for the webinar will:

  1. Get added to his email list
  2. Get added to my email list
  3. Get pitched my flagship course at a discount

So this is a mutually beneficial effort.

We have almost 200 people signed up already and still have a good deal of promotion to do (via email lists, facebook, and blogs).

I am hopeful that I will get to add 400 new people to my email list. Normally it would take me many months to add that many new subscribers.

I will be updating you on the results of these efforts in a few weeks!

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