Authors Only Webinar: Grow Your Audience and Increase Book Sales

I’m a self-published author.

Writing a book is quite hard: it takes a lot of time and effort. But nothing is worse than writing that book and self-publishing it, only to have no one buy it.

Yet, that’s the situation most authors are in. Authors now have to be internet marketers as well.

I’m doing a free webinar that shows you how.

Reusing Your Book’s Content to Grow Your Audience

Your most powerful asset as an author is the content you have created in your book.

Most people have the opposite problem: they have little to no content (yet) but are trying to build an audience. They have to come up with content in the form of blog posts, podcast episodes, or emails, in order to start to grow an audience.

But as an author, you have written or are writing a book, a book with thousands of words, put together in a coherent outline, teaching something of value in a niche.

One good strategy is to actually write blog posts that are taken directly from your book. You can drip out many meaty blog posts this way.

And, contrary to what you may think, you won’t be shooting yourself in the foot by giving away your book’s content. Instead, you are giving readers a sampling of your writing, allowing them to test drive before they buy. And in the process you are building up blog posts for search engine SEO.

Capture Blog Readers to Your Email List with Content Upgrades

You want to capture those blog readers onto your email list, and the best way to do that is to offer a content upgrade with each post. The content upgrade could be something related to the area you are writing about: for non-fiction it would be some checklist or guide or cheatsheet in the same area as your book. For fiction it is a bit harder, but you can offer them to get the next chapter in the saga immediately, along with a discount code to buy the full book, etc.

Now, instead of losing those readers, who may forget to go back to your site, you are keeping them updated with new blog posts/installments of your book, along with how your book is progressing and once it is published, how they can get it.

This is just one of several strategies that you as an author need to employ to grow your audience. Without a good-sized audience, you will have great difficulty and getting any traction with your book, even if it is a well-written, excellent book.

I’ll be talking about this strategy and more in my webinar on how to build your audience as an author. Get registered for it here.

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