How to Use Content Upgrades for Your Teachable Course

I have created a few courses using

They make it easy to create a sharp-looking course, including customizing a sales page with drag-and-drop blocks for testimonials, pricing plan, course curriculum, and so on.

But one problem is: sometimes people aren’t yet ready to buy your course, and the sales page offers no way for them to contact you or let you remain in touch with them.

Enter content upgrades.

Embed Content Upgrades in Your Teachable Course Sales Page

With, you can create a lead magnet–anything from a pdf checklist to a video hosted on youtube–and then hook that lead magnet up to your email list on Mailchimp, AWeber, Drip, or any other email list provider.

Once you have your content upgrade, you’ll get two options for embedding it: either you use the magic url that auto-expands into WordPress or posts, OR, in this case, you copy the div+iframe html code and simply paste that into your teachable sales page in a new liquid/html block. It looks like this:

Step 1: Make your content upgrade:

Step 2: Copy that code and paste it into a new liquid/html block in your teachable sales page

Step 3: Profit! The result looks like this:

Lots of Uses

The benefit here is that you have a way to get in contact with the person who is interested in your course, but may not be ready to buy.

You could do the following:

  1. Start them on an email sequence with tips related to your course
  2. Offer them a content upgrade that is a worksheet or video from your course
  3. Give them a discount code to your course

While your main goal is for them to buy your course, they may need more time or cajoling, more proof that you are credible and are offering them something valuable.

Teachable +, a winning combination!

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