Introducing the WordPress Plugin

Thanks to the magic of oEmbed, pasting a URL into a WordPress post has always worked – sort of. When you paste the URL, WordPress automatically expands it and inserts the embedded lead magnet. It’s pretty neat actually:


The only trouble is that it doesn’t actually work right away – WordPress sandboxes the embedded script, so that, while it shows up as expected, the form can’t be submitted. It’s a security restriction that is intended to keep ne’er-do-wells from executing malicious scripts on your pages.

No problem though, because WordPress also made it really easy to “whitelist” our plugin. All you have to do is to install our plugin – Lead Magnets by – and the magic will work.

The cool thing is that now you can easily create one lead magnet, and then you can use that same lead magnet across all the places where you publish or re-publish your content. This is especially nice if you republish on, for example. Amazingly, the URL will expand in your Medium post just like it did in WordPress.


Here’s the real thing in action:

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