Crafting the First Content Upgrade (Chronicle #2)

Last blog post I laid out the challenge: to grow my audience the right way using content upgrades.

Now in this post I start to put my plan into action: I made a blog post on my blog (in the Catholic religious niche) and embedded a relevant content upgrade from in the post.

How did I Create the Content Upgrade?

I made an account on ContentUpgrade, then connected my account to my AWeber email list, so that anyone who puts in their email address to get my content upgrade will automatically be put on my list.

Then I made the content upgrade, using a pdf that I have which is a sample (or preview with a few chapters) of an ebook I wrote. Here’s the video showing how I turned this pdf into a content upgrade in just one minute or so:

And boom goes the dynamite.

This is what the content upgrade looks like in the full blog post:

What Else Went Into the Blog Post?

The post I wrote on my blog was a book review. I wondered whether I should include a link to the book since I want people to focus on the content upgrade and not leave my page for another link.

But, my main goal is to serve my audience, and if I am reviewing a book, I had better link to it on amazon or on the publisher’s page so people can get the book, so I chose to link to it.

The post itself was a straightforward review, probably 600 words, so on the shorter side as posts go.

Promote It!


One problem bloggers like me fail to do is promote our writing enough. We make a post and then hope people will find it.

Instead, we need to make use of channels available to us to let people know the link is out there: facebook, twitter, email, etc.

In this case, I am going to be emailing the author of the book and the publisher as they will likely want to promote the blog post, since it is a positive review of their book.

I will also be sharing it on social media. I’m not going to send out this post to my email list because they are already on my list, and I want to see what new people come onto my list as a result.

We’ll give it one week and see how many people go for the content upgrade. In the next chronicle I’ll let you know the results.

That’s how easy it is to make a content upgrade and get it into your post with!

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