The Content Upgrade Challenge

Welcome to Content Upgrade.

We’re Ryan and Devin, two guys who live in Texas and have built a simple email opt-in widget where you can offer lead magnets or content upgrades to your readers in exchange for their email address.

It works on WordPress and Medium.

Here’s a Demo!

The Challenge

Devin is a blogger and minor personality within a religious niche, Catholicism specifically.

He has a blog, email list, a few books he has written and courses he’s made, and has a modest following (we’ll dive into the data soon).

But what he wants to see is how he can grow his audience more rapidly. Tools we plan to use to start out:

  • Content Upgrade opt-in on blog posts
    • Beacon or Designrr to make these content upgrades easily
  • Facebook ads of some kind

We are giving him a budget of $100 to start out with for ads with the goal of making a self-liquidating ad that can generate enough leads who buy one of his products to pay for the ads themselves.

The Assets in Play

Devin uses AWeber for his email list provider. Through his blog site he gets on average one new email subscriber per day, so around 30 per month. Not bad but also not great. Devin is an occasional blogger who writes around one blog post every two weeks. Note that this frequency is low and may need to be increased for our challenge.

He has a nurture email sequence that includes a trip wire product and then two other higher priced products:

  1. Welcome email
  2. Nurture
  3. Nurture
  4. Trip Wire ($9 ebook)
  5. Nurture
  6. Nurture
  7. Nurture
  8. Course A Product pitch #1 ($97 product)
  9. Course A Product pitch #2
  10. Course A Product pitch #3
  11. Nurture
  12. Nurture
  13. Nurture
  14. Course B Product pitch #1 ($57 product)
  15. Course B Product pitch #2
  16. Nurture
  17. Nurture
  18. Nurture

The nurture emails are just free, good info relevant to why they signed up. To entice people to sign up on his blog homepage he has a pop-up offering a free ebook related to Catholicism that he wrote. (Note that this ebook is short, perhaps 6,000 words total.)

That trip wire product is new for him. It is a second ebook, also short, perhaps 9,000 words long. It has been live for a few weeks and so far one person has bought it. We’re not yet sure of the conversion rate as there is not enough data for the sample, but our goal is that the ads we use to drive email signups, plus the blog posts and content upgrade opt-ins will result in more people buying the trip wire and enabling Devin to keep running ads.

Follow along in our journey!

We’ll be chronicling each step we take in this journey. You can follow it by signing up here. (Insert content upgrade opt in here)

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